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Experts Network Services

Network Design Infrastructure Solutions

We offer the complete range of products and services to design and build network using weird and wireless technologies. We support the design and implementation local area network, campus network, wide area network, global area network, enterprise private network and virtual private network. We have teams of CCNA, CCNP, CCIE and other certified professional to design and implement all types of networks and network services. Our solution includes switching, routing, network security, network optimization, storage solutions, virtualization, Datacenter solutions, Disaster recovery, network management, VOIP, Video surveillance and network audit.

Network Servers

We have extensive experience to design and build server infrastructure for small-business to large enterprises. Our certified engineers can design the network services and server infrastructure to fulfill business IT needs. Our skilled teams of certified system engineers and design experts can design and implement any type of network service including Domain controllers, forest controller, RAID systems, Clustering, Central storage, NFS, quota systems, Firewalls, Mail services, Web services, Hosted Applications, Terminal Services, DHCP services, DNS services, IP Sec, Certification Authority, NAT Services, Routing Services, VPN Services, dial-in Services, Instant messaging and collaboration services, VOIP services and other services.

Network Consultancy

Over 10 years the company has built up an enviable reputation for providing innovative, cost-effective network support and services. Our ability and comprehensive experience means we can design, install, support, maintain and protect IT networks for companies of every size and sector. We will ensure that you invest wisely in your network infrastructure, enabling you to support business growth and gain the benefit from new technologies.

We provide:

  • An expert assessment of your networking needs
  • Objective advice on the right products now and in the future
  • Extensive experience of the specific networking needs of your business








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