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Experts Software Development

Custom Software Development

Custom software is developed either for a specific organization or function that differs from or is opposite of other already available software. It is generally not targeted to the mass market, but usually created for companies, business entities, and organizations. Examples of custom software include products for commercial and governments such as Websites, Inventory Management, Customer Management, Employee Management, Payroll System, Accounts Management

Independent Software Vendor

We provide complete support to companies in designing and after sales services for software, designed for niche markets. Such markets may be diverse including software for real estate brokers, scheduling for healthcare personnel, barcode scanning, stock maintenance and even child care management software. Specialized products generally offer higher productivity to organizations than more generalized software such as basic spreadsheet or database packages.

Software Customization

Customization is one of the most controversial topics surrounding ERP software. A majority of our clients have every intention of leveraging vanilla, off-the-shelf software during their software selection process. However, as project teams get into the details of the software during the implementation cycle, requests to make one or more customizations to the software are inevitable. We provide customization for almost all kinds of packages including SAP, Financial etc. According to 2009 ERP Report, only 23% of organizations implement vanilla ERP software with little to no customization. The remainder of organizations in our study customized their software, with 34% indicating that they heavily customized their software. According to our same research, large companies with over $500 million in annual revenue are even more likely to customize their software, as are companies in the aerospace, defense, and government industry verticals.

Domain and Hosting

We provide Domain Registration and Hosting Solutions in different formats including Shared, Dedicated, Virtual Private, Managed and Unmanaged servers. We have over 10 years of experience and guarantee minimum down time and maximum performance and bandwidth.

Web Designing and Development

We are not just website designers; we can build solutions like a custom database system linked to an e-commerce store or a live chat for customer support. Simple and beautiful, or complex and bullet-proof, we are ready to exceed your expectations!

SEO Services

With online Revolution, Internet marketing is expected to have the highest leap in the coming years. With this, it is the time for invigorating and expanding your internet business, and then driving more customers to your website will be high on your priorities. Our skilled teams of SEO professionals can analyze, refine, and tune your website to funnel in more visitors, build your business and grow your online reputation.

Dedicated Virtual Private Servers

If you're tired of slow server performance and limited bandwidth, consider Dedicated Hosting from EXPERTS. Our quality network, reliable hardware and low-cost management services, ensures your IT infrastructure stays intact—our data centers are designed for max uptime and peak efficiency. We provide dedicated and virtual private servers in managed and unmanaged formats.

Hosted Solutions

Supporting your mission-critical applications is not a promise; it's a way of life. In today's market, you've got enough to worry about – competition, R&D, customer acquisition, retention, financial targets and more. IT should accelerate your business, not place it at risk. At Hosted Solutions, our data centers are designed to ensure your success. Redundancy and redoubling our efforts at every level in everything we do give you the confidence of knowing that your network will never go down. Your data, your email, e-commerce, servers, applications, the Internet, your need for scalability and the quiet confidence that these essential operations at your business will run uninterrupted.









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