Emergency Response & Feedback System is the perfect solution for assisting police in identification of valid calls and rejection of Fake calls along with proper digital record keeping of the caller Information & crime reported in the database, which can help in future references. Whereas operators conversation is also recorded therefore helping in improving police efficiency.

AII the Complaints notified by callers & registered by operators are assigned status, tracked till its termination, lf any complaint will be pending, the reasons are Identified and officials can be held responsible. Any authorized official can check any report about any employee, complaint or police station in the division, making the process more clear, efficient & reliable.

Key Features of the System:

  • PRI Connection (with multi channels) to receive Calls.
  • Digital PBX to handle all calls and operators.
  • All Unknown / Private / Blocked / 00| Calls are blocked spontaneously.
  • Calls are automatically recorded for future reference.
  • Digital Crime Mapping is done for caller said location and Caller Name along with crime nature is saved for future reference hence Crime Report can be viewed later on.
  • Crime analysis can be done using different parameterized reports and maps Daily Dairy comprising all the crime detail, response of police, response time and the caller feedback is maintained automatically and can be viewed any time.
  • SMS Notification about Crime Call will be sent to concerned Officer