xQue is a Smart and sleek floor kiosk with touch screen, token printer and embedded server. Service being offered by the organization are visible on screen and user can choose required service by finger touch. Selection is available in English and Other.

xQue Kiosk Specification

  • Touch Screen: 15'' / 17'' Display
  • Token Printer: Thermal Receipt Printer (79.50 ± 0.50(W)mm)
  • Embedded Server: Windows 10
  • IO Ports: 1x LAN Ethernet,
    • a. 1x HDMI for Now Serving Display
    • b. 1x Wi-Fi Ethernet (Optional)
    • c. 1x 3G/ 4G Dongle (Optional)

Now Serving Display

xQue is bundled with a common display to show Now Serving token numbers with counter number. Available in 30”/ 40”/ 50”/ 55” LED Screen

Token Announcement System

xQue is equipped with a Next Token Announcement System.

Available in English and other voices.

Soft Calling Unit

Soft Calling unit a tool for agents to perform basic queue management activities such as calling and processing tickets.

Available in Browser and Windows App