This course is for persons who want to excel in the field of Oracle technologies. Achieving this milestone provides clear evidence that a programmer understands the basic to complex syntax and structure of SQL/PLSQL and can create applications that run on server and desktop systems using Oracle Application development environment using Oracle forms and Reports.


1-introduction to SQL and PLSQL

  • Database introduction,
  • Database terminology,
  • ER diagram,
  • SQL /PLSQL constructs (Simple to Complex)

2-Advance PLSQL Constructs

  • Cursors,
  • Functions,
  • Procedures etc

3-Build Application (Part First)

  • Interface Preparation using buttons,
  • Text Boxes,
  • List of values,
  • Data blocks,
  • Data Sources,
  • Object Property,
  • Property classes,
  • form level functions,
  • parameter etc

4-Build Application (Part Second)

  • Complex Interface development including logic from database,
  • Menus structure development and attachment with the application.

5- Build Reports 

  • Introduction to Report Builder,
  • Basic Reports,
  • Group Reports,
  • Matrix report,
  • Matrix with groups etc

6- Parallel Building and Implementing Project