Learn to use Autodesk's 3Ds Max to create your own professional animated 3D graphics for videogames. This 3ds Max Training Program takes you through object modeling, material creation, animation, cameras, game characters, skeletons and rigging, scene generation, and much more. You’ll spend considerable time exploring the interface, learning how to work efficiently, and seeing firsthand how to apply the right tools to accomplish tasks quickly.


  • 3D Coordinate Systems
  • Constructing 3D Models
  • Box Modeling
  • Designing and Applying Textures
  • Modifiers and Manipulators
  • Scene Rendering
  • Detail Texturing
  • Managing Complexity
  • Loft Objects and Tessellation Controls.
  • Advanced Box Modeling
  • Opacity, Luminosity, Ambient Occlusion and Normal Maps
  • Environmental Props
  • Static Meshes
  • Exporting Game Geometry
  • Shallow Space Diffuse Maps